Do It Yourself. Already have a resume? Think it looks pretty good? Consider a
critique to give you a professional opinion and invaluable feedback. If you still need to get
a resume together or you just want to make a new one, take Robin’s template and do it
yourself. Robin can back you up and help you make sure it's a good one by providing a
critique and/or editing and polishing service. And, if you still can't get it just the way you
want it, you can opt for the full resume writing service.

    resume critique
    Have a resume? Email it for a quick critique. Don't have one? Create a resume first
    with the template here, and then email it for critique. Just $50.

    editing and polishing
    Just need some fine-tuning to get your existing resume in fine shape? Email it to
    Robin! If you don't have one, use the template to create a new resume and then
    email it for editing and polishing. From $100.

    full resume writing
    While everyone needs a resume, resume writing is not for everyone. If you've tried
    and tried and just can't get it right, or if you just don't want to take it on at all, relax!
    Robin's one of the best resume writers this side of the Rockies. And, as luck would
    have it, she offers a full resume writing service. It starts with a focused interview,
    where you'll talk about the usual stuff – skills, experience, education – and you'll
    discuss how you plan to use your resume and what you want it to accomplish. Then
    Robin will take that data and create a clean, focused, powerful and great-looking
    resume that's sure to get results.

    For more details on service options and fees,
    call Robin at 916.457.5657 (Pacific Time).
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