Career Transition. Outsourcing, offshoring, obsolete jobs, emerging careers.
Layoffs, restructuring, contracting and project work. Indeed, the whole structure of work
has changed. How do you cope with continuous career transition to successfully navigate a
work world with more change and choice than ever before?

    career exploration
    It takes some of us all our lives to figure out what we want to be when we grow up.
    Yet the majority of our time as adults is spent working for others and what they
    want. With a professionally guided career exploration process, you can get a head
    start on discovering your own goals and aspirations – and put your energy where it
    should be: making those dreams come true. In today's vastly changed and ever
    more demanding world of work, isn't it time to ask, what do you want?

    why change jobs?
    If you've been feeling a desperate sort of connection with Dilbert, perhaps it's time
    to ask, what's the problem? It may be as complex as a complete mismatch with the
    type of work you're in. Or, it may be as simple as inconsistent communication with
    your boss. Before you gear up for a full search of other career options, Robin will
    help you identify what's really driving your desire to change jobs.

    choose your work
    Why are you in the job you're in? You may answer, "because it's a paycheck." Ok.
    But wouldn't you rather say, "because I love what I do and I get paid to do it!"? If
    you feel trapped in your job because of financial obligations and the like, think about
    what it would take to plan your great escape. What obstacles exist for you? How
    long would it take to overcome them? What steps could you take to create and
    execute a doable plan? Even in a down economy, there's a world of opportunities
    out there. And yes, you do have the power to choose.
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