Regain balance in your work life with expert career services.
    Scores of resumes sent, with hardly a single response . . . High-paid position, but no
    time for family, friends, or personal interests . . . Fun job in a fabulous space, but no
    benefits and nominal wages . . . Challenging gig in your industry of choice, but no
    sight of advancement or clear career track . . . A job that's just perfect – except the
    boss. These are some of the tough issues Robin helps clients with every day. By
    helping you see clearly who you are, how you work, and what you want out of
    today's employment contract, Robin will help you take control of your career and
    regain balance in your work life.

    Robin is more than a qualified career consultant. In addition to a master's in Career
    Counseling, an MBA in HR and Organizational Development, and more than 10 years
    in career development, she has more than 20 years of business experience in a
    variety of industries. Her nurturing nature is balanced with strategic pragmatism, and
    she readily applies her skills and expertise to engage clients in a powerful process of
    exploration and practical problem solving. Whether you're just ready for a new job or
    considering a complete career change, Robin can help you be career empowered.
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