Professional Process. Expertise, integrity, responsiveness – these are things we
all hope to find with every service we use. What should you expect from a career
consultant, and what can you gain from Robin's career empowerment process?

    your career needs
    From your first conversation Robin will be working to help identify your career
    needs. While no career consultant holds all the answers to your work fulfillment,
    Robin will engage you in a powerful process of self-discovery and goal setting to
    quickly get you on track toward career empowerment.

    your career empowerment plan
    After just one session Robin will provide you with a Career Empowerment Plan, a
    complete and tailored set of strategic steps to help you reach your career goals,
    based on a succinct analysis of your critical career needs. Of course, the need for
    flexibility is understood, and if your goals and priorities change along the way, your
    Career Empowerment Plan will be modified to best serve you.

    your career goals realized
    A good career consultant won't claim to find you a job, but will help you learn to find
    the best jobs to realize your own career goals. You'll be an active participant in the
    process, sharing your own self-knowledge, thoughts and ideas, and engaging in
    recommended research and exercises to realistically identify and weigh all your
    options. Throughout the career empowerment process, you can count on Robin to
    remain a committed facilitator and qualified guide.

    your convenience, your confidence
    You can complete the career empowerment process from virtually anywhere in the
    world, or if you are local, you can show up for sessions in person. Robin will work
    with you to find the time and space structure that best meets your needs. Whenever
    and however you choose to meet, you can rest assured that any information you
    share will be kept in confidence as per professional and ethical guidelines.
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