Job Search Strategy. Internet postings, virtual job fairs, headhunters, and hard-
ball negotiations. Indeed, the whole job search game has changed. How do you stay on the
cutting edge of today's job market, and stay

    Whether you've been looking locally or globetrotting the Internet for jobs, by now
    you know you need a resume. It's got to be detailed but concise, powerful but
    honest, eye (or software/scanner) catching but professional. The content is critical –
    far more important than the format and style you choose. But how do you know
    what to put in and what to leave out? Whether you pay a resume service to write it
    or do it yourself, learn how you can make yours the best it can be.

    job market research
    A good resume alone won't do the job. It's how you use it that really counts. But do
    you really know the job market?  If you’re like most job seekers, the first place you
    turn when you're looking for work is big Internet job sites like CareerBuilder or
    Monster. But these strategies will only tap 20% of the jobs out there. Learn how to
    identify the other (and better!) 80% of job opportunities.

    The interview process used to be so straightforward. You sent in a resume, someone
    called you to schedule an interview, and then after a face-to-face meeting you were
    either hired or not. As employers have become more cautious and hiring practices
    have become more sophisticated, today's interview process is far more frightening.
    Not only must you be prepared for more thorough screening and reference
    checking, you have to know how to deal with behavioral and situational interview
    questions, panel interviews, sequential interviews, stress interviews and skills
    testing. And, you have to keep your cool under pressure to pull it off with panache.

    In many ways, getting the job offer is just the beginning. When the time comes,
    you'll not only need to know your worth as a job candidate, you'll need to be able to
    negotiate a comprehensive compensation package that will work for you. How do
    you know how to get more, how long to hold out, when to accept, or when to say no
    and walk away? What do you do when you land two or more offers at the same
    time, as many of Robin's clients have?
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