Work Life Balance. Email and IM, cell phones and social media, our world today is
all about 24/7 communications. Indeed our entire work culture has changed, often blurring
the line between public and private spheres. How do
you maintain balance between your
work and your personal life?

    career calm
    Americans are working longer and harder, and we now surpass all other countries in
    average hours per week. Despite the loss of millions of jobs in recent years
    American productivity has soared to record levels. Economically speaking, we're
    doing more with less, and that's good for business. But is it good for you? Perhaps
    you have your own story of "gaining" more job responsibilities in the wake of
    layoffs. In the frenetic pace of today's work environment, it can be a real challenge
    to take care of yourself and maintain a sense of career calm.

    creative solutions
    Contemporary circumstances call for creative solutions, and in fact there are many
    options that can help you achieve and maintain that coveted work life balance. Robin
    will help you brainstorm ideas from flextime, telecommuting and job sharing, to
    establishing multiple income streams or launching your own business in your
    favorite field.

    career management
    It's not just finding a job that counts. In an era where one job for life is no longer
    the norm, today's workers can expect to job-hunt numerous times over the course
    of their careers. The name of the game now is being able to find a new job at the
    drop of a hat, and then position yourself for ever better opportunities. Think
    continuous employability, not job security. When you take the initiative to actively
    manage your career, just as you would any other part of your life, you will achieve
    work life balance through career resilience. That’s career empowerment.
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